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Can the port 40 ton gantry crane be used in rainy weather
来源:www.jjkjqz.com 发表时间:2019-02-25

With the continuous development of social economy, construction machinery and equipment is more and more, manpower has been unable to meet the needs of social development, not the development of The Times. Mechanical equipment is also constantly updated to keep up with the pace of The Times, port crane is also such.

The port 40 tons gantry crane is used in the port goods transportation, is the fine design and the production equipment, has the very big enhancement in the performance aspect. In the use of the crane will encounter some emergencies, such as rainy days crane wheel easy to slip, which affects the normal use. Port 40 tons gantry crane is generally used in the outdoor, so will often encounter this kind of situation, in the crane design above should pay attention to this aspect. Skid chains can be attached to skidding tires to increase friction between the tire and the ground, reducing the chance of skidding.

Generally speaking, do not use the crane in rainy days, do a good job in rain prevention measures, before the operation should pay attention to the rain water cleared, so that the crane to maintain a good working state, to ensure the safety and stability of the lifting task.

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