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What does the working speed of port 40 ton gantry crane include
来源:www.jjkjqz.com 发表时间:2019-02-25

In order to ensure its safety, yuanwang has been reminding everyone to do a good job in equipment erection, pre-work inspection and regular maintenance, in fact, in the process of operation, you can also control the lifting speed to achieve a stable and safe effect.

The working speed of port 40 ton gantry crane includes lifting speed, turning speed and amplitude changing speed, etc. In the lifting operation, the lifting speed is a very important parameter, especially in high-rise buildings, improve the lifting speed can improve the work efficiency, at the same time, the lifting objects in place need slow, so the wide range of lifting speed is superior performance. The hoisting speed is not only related to the hoisting mechanism, but also related to the ratio of the hoisting hook and pulley block. Two ropes are twice as fast as four ropes and one rope is twice as fast as two ropes.

In the lifting operation, the speed is not too fast, but must be able to start and brake smoothly, can realize stepless speed regulation, frequency control is more ideal. Want to have a stable lifting speed, which is related to the professional quality of the operators, so we must be careful in the selection of crane operators, determined not to have a layman, half hanging on the post.

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