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The scope of application of large Marine floating crane
来源:www.jjkjqz.com 发表时间:2019-02-25

Large scale floating crane is also called crane or floating crane. Non-self-propelled crane vessels are used in inland ports, usually on the square deck, different types of cranes are installed, and then ship mooring equipment and living facilities are provided. Small and medium-sized floating cranes generally use shore power supply. If it is self-propelled, the propulsion system should be installed. The large-scale Marine floating crane can be used for loading and unloading between the shore and the ship, and between the ship and the ship. It is especially suitable for wharf dredging and wharf engineering construction, such as grab dredger, floating sand unloader, floating coal unloader, etc. Users can choose to configure hook or grab.

Large Marine floating crane can be divided into large, medium and small floating crane according to the rated lifting weight of main hook. Large floating crane with rated lifting weight greater than 63t; Rated lifting weight: 16-63t for medium floating crane; Rated lifting weight less than 16t for small floating crane. There are many classification methods of floating crane, but the type of lifting boom is commonly used for classification.

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