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Types of mechanical properties of large Marine floating cranes
来源:www.jjkjqz.com 发表时间:2019-02-25

According to the maneuverability of the hull, the large Marine floating crane can be divided into two types: self-propelled type and non-self-propelled type.

The self-propelled type relies on the propulsion device equipped by the ship itself and has the technical performance of going forward and turning.

During the loading and unloading of non-self-propelled floating crane, the ship still needs to be able to shift for a short distance so as to change the operating position of the spreader and complete the amplitude adjustment. When shifting, if the lifting rope is not perpendicular to the water, the ship will swing after the objects leave the water, which is not allowed. Therefore, the ship should be moved in advance before lifting to ensure that the rope is perpendicular to the water. In actual displacement, the anchor must be lowered in advance, and the multi-directional movement of the ship can be realized by using the mutual cooperation of displacement winch and anchor to raise and lower the cable. For narrow channel, anchor cable will hinder the navigation of other ships, causing channel blockage. For long-distance displacement, other tugboats must be equipped, so the working mobility is poor. The "samsung 5" 8000t floating crane exported to Korea in 2010 is a non-self-propelled non-rotating dual-arm floating crane.

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