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The dock crane should be checked carefully before use every day
来源:www.jjkjqz.com 发表时间:2019-02-25

Terminals fixed crane is a kind of very useful device, it is a kind of stationary equipment, work involves a lot of high load, so the position of the installation, and installation of solid degree is very important, and a day before the formal use, also need to check the situation of the equipment, make sure everything is ok before to boot.

, for example, the first is to check the bearing temperature, it is quite important in the inspection work, is why terminals fixed crane before they go out to the empty machine operation and load operation add up to more than ten hours of reason, is in order to be able to measure the temperature of the bearing after long time use, if the temperature over eighty degrees, the machine should directly for maintenance.

There is also a way to observe the use of the crane, is to listen to the machine running sound, whether there is a rule, whether the corresponding power of the electric, if the sound is too big, too much noise, abnormal noise and so on, the stability of the machine is greatly reduced, need to carry out the corresponding treatment.

When these inspections are carried out, if everything goes as usual with the wharf fixed cranes, then people can be relieved to open for use, which brings a very efficient effect for the handling of various goods inside the wharf.

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