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Technical advantages of large Marine floating crane
来源:www.jjkjqz.com 发表时间:2019-02-25

Large Marine floating crane has light weight, covers an area of less, the advantages of high efficiency, stable performance, adopts the one-arm balance luffing system, rely on horizontal displacement compensation block and tackle to ensure goods, luffing mechanism driven by rack device, and is equipped with the safety operation of various electrical and mechanical protection devices, must rotate for 360 ° rotation, high loading efficiency.

The large Marine floating crane is mainly installed in the specialized hull or the pontoon to carry on the loading and unloading operation between the ship and the shore or between the ship and the ship, this machine turntable center of gravity is lower, the stability is good, the movement is flexible, is the coastal, along the river, the lake and the inland river ideal loading and unloading equipment.

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