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The components of the power unit of the wharf fixed crane
来源:www.jjkjqz.com 发表时间:2019-02-25

Port fixed crane power plant, in general, is composed of six different parts, and the role of the six different parts also have great differences, for example, pier fixed crane part of power plant, is a very important part is what we usually call motor, belong to this type of motor alongside magnet motor, and its capacitance is one-way, at the time of production and design, is also equipped with power mechanism, that is to say, once the power is cut off, the crane will stop work, Because in order to avoid the motor work at the same time high temperature and heat generated from time to time when the damage to the motor have even burn out, on the motor is equipped with the size of a is used to control the temperature switch, once the motor temperature reaches a certain value, the switch will automatically shut down, then the motor will stop working.

There is a component of the power plant is the terminal fixed crane reducer, the general choice of reducer type is a two-stage gear reducer, in the installation, is with the help of some accessories, such as fasteners will dock fixed crane motor and reducer fixed together; The following three part is what we usually call the clutch, brake and the rope drum and so on, these three parts are connected into a unified whole, but if the state of the clutch is out, the crane will decrease with fast speed, this time in order to avoid some of the impact damage caused by too fast, the brake will automatically adjust and control the drop speed.

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