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Port portal crane of 40 tons is a kind of less investment and quick lifting equipment
来源:www.jjkjqz.com 发表时间:2019-02-25

The port 40 ton gantry crane is a general port loading and unloading crane, which can be equipped with a hook or a grab bucket for operation. It is highly adaptable to goods and is widely used in ports, docks, stations and storage yards. In order to speed up the turnover of ships and vehicles, higher handling efficiency is required for the handling and reloading of ships and vehicles in these places.

The port 40-ton portal crane has the advantages of superior performance, high efficiency, compact structure, balanced operation, comfortable operation, convenient maintenance and beautiful appearance. It can make full use of the limited space such as the harbor and the pier, and is suitable for the idling operation of the ship and the passage of ground vehicles. It is a kind of hoisting equipment which has low investment and quick effect on the handling of containers, accessories and bulk materials on the wharf front.

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