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The importance of 40 ton portal crane lubrication
来源:www.jjkjqz.com 发表时间:2019-02-25

Lubrication is one of the important measures to ensure the normal operation of 40-ton gantry crane in port, extend the service life of the parts, improve the efficiency and safety in production. Maintenance personnel should fully understand the importance of equipment lubrication, regularly check the lubrication of each movement point, and regularly add lubricating oil to each lubrication point:

1) winch of bridge machine

2) each gear coupling

3) reducer

4) wire rope

5) hinge points on the brake

Lubrication precautions:

1) keep the lubricating oil (grease) clean;

2) different grades of lubricating oil (grease) shall not be mixed for use;

3) select appropriate lubricating oil (grease) to lubricate according to the specified time;

4) add grease by pressure greasing method (oil gun live oil pump, cap type oil cup), which can push the grease to the friction surface to prevent it from entering the friction surface when wiping by hand.

5) sodium base grease should not be used in wet areas, as it is easy to fail due to its strong hydrophilicity;

6) for rotating parts without oil injection points, dilute oil can should be regularly used in each rotating gap to reduce the friction of the parts and prevent corrosion.

Port 40 tons gantry crane due to the working environment is relatively humid, corrosion is also relatively large, so the machine lubrication must be in accordance with the above requirements. In addition, the equipment regular inspection and maintenance is essential, we must pay attention to.

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